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NEW! Unique Amethyst Handmade Grape Pendant

As natural as possible- A handmade pendant shows no less impressive than any CAD design pieces.

This 4.804CT Genuine Amethyst Handmade Grape Pendant, was exquisitely designed and handmade by Terry Barner, one of our gemologists and jewelers. Starting with a beautiful gemstone but there was no mounting to fit its museum size, Terry used a half-round wire of fine silver to wrap around the gem, laser welded the end, and bezel set it. He also used laser welder to make three beads from fine silver round wire. Then he cut leaves out of sterling silver sheet, formed the organic curve, and textured it to achieve the most natural look it can be. The bail to hang the pendant was another natural hands of the grape vine. It is very lovely and is waiting to be possessed by you.

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Maple Leaf (Work in Progress)

I am now drilling down into the fine details of the leaf. I want to exaggerate the fine details in order to compensate for the loss of details that occurs when the model goes through the casting and polishing process. The ultimate goal is to have a natural looking textured surface.

-Huy N Nguyen

Maple Leaf Progress


New Designs w/ Tulip Head

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