Maybe diamond will be a girl’s best friend without hurting a boy’s wallet…

For centuries, diamond is a symbol of love and achievement. Normally, a 1ct round brilliant, VS1 clarity, and D color natural diamond run about $20,000/ct.

Last year, Gemological Institute of America (GIA) obtained 40 synthetic diamond crystals from a Russian company, named New Diamond Technology. These samples had a range of carat weight from .20ct to 5.11ct, with color grade from D to K, and clarity grades from IF to I2. This company had a successful rate of 89% in achieving a batch of colorless diamond (color ranging from D-F). These synthetic diamonds were either type IIa or week type IIb and possessed Ni-, Si- or N- related defects. However, HTTP method was promising to give the market an alternative product with a lower price point.


This year, Gemological Institute of America (GIA) obtained 50 synthetic diamond crystals from a company in Shandong, China. These samples had a range of carat weigh up to 3.5ct. Moreover, large quantities of gem-quality colorless and blue diamonds are produced at the same spot. Chinese factory owner did not disclose a total production; however, there will be lots more to be produced in a near future.

Many consumers today love to shop online. The issue is, how many online sellers will disclose their jewelry are using synthetic or natural diamonds honestly. Despite they might look similar, the rarer the gem, the more money its price. By definition, the price of a gem is based on three categories: beauty, durability, and rarity.